Fruit FAQs

Q: When should we start our sale?

A: In the fall you will be able to sell anytime during October and the spring anytime during February. If you decide to have a sale, call us first. We will answer any questions you may have and will provide free sales materials.

FAQ Blue iconQ: What varieties of fruit do you offer?

A: California Navel Oranges, California Satsuma Mandarin Oranges, and Texas Rub Red Grapefruit in the fall. In the spring we have California Navel Oranges, California Mandarins, and Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit. All our fruit is Fancy Grade.

Q: When will the fruit be delivered?

A: Delivery for the fall is the first or second week of December. Spring fruit will be delivered the second week of March.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes. While we will do our best to deliver orders that fall below our minimum order, however, we would like to have 3000 pounds.

Q: Who is responsible for unloading the fruit?

A: Your organization. Drivers are not required to unload; as a result, you should have an adequate number of people to unload your order. Keep in mind the truck driver will have additional deliveries. Both the driver and other organizations expecting delivery after yours appreciate your assistance unloading as quickly as possible. I have additional tips available on the website entitled, “SPONSOR RESPONSIBILITY”.

8251611_sQ: Some of the oranges have a green tinge. Are they ripe?

A: Even though some oranges have a greenish tinge, it is fully ripe. The greenish tinge indicates the outside temperature has not been cold enough to change the skin color from green to orange. Cooler temperatures help to destroy the green chlorophyll pigment and enhance the yellow carotene. Warm temperatures promote sugar production in the orange.

Q: Is the grapefruit pink?

A: Yes, a deep pink/red.

Q: When will prices be available?

A: Prices for the fall are available the end of September and for the spring the middle of January. Our prices are firm and include shipping and handling. We suggest a selling price, however, you can determine your own if you wish. We try to keep the price very close to the super market price.

Q: How much could a group of 40 expect to profit?

A: It depends on the motivation of the group. If you average 10 cases per person you could expect to profit approximately $4,000.

Q: How long should we sell?

A: Two weeks is adequate. The key to success is a sponsor that is very motivated and organized someone that sets goals and expects everyone to attain them. The person in charge needs to talk about the sale and track orders every day during the selling period. It is very important to be enthusiastic.

Q: What groups do best?

A: Usually larger groups do best like bands, choirs, sports teams, and 4-H, however, we have smaller groups that are very successful.

Q: How do we sell the fruit?

A: Sales method is presale. Take orders during the selling period. It is suggested that you collect money when you take the order.

Q: When do we pay you?

A: After the fruit is delivered we will send you a bill.