How To Do A Fruit Fundraiser

Hellgate High School ds

Above: Fruit arrives at Hellgate High School in Missoula, Montana. Band and Choir students help off-load the fruit from the truck and stack neatly in the hallway. 

Over the past 30 years we’ve worked with hundreds of schools throughout the northwest. Most of the our schools have been doing the Fancy Fruit Fundraiser for a number of years and have built-up a clientele that looks forward to having fresh fruit every year.

To make sure you receive only the freshest fruit possible, our fruit is not picked until the grower receives our order.

The average sale per student is between 10 to 20 boxes. A group of 200 students could potentially profit $10,000 if they averaged 10 boxes per person!

6 Easy Steps to Fruit Fundraisers

grapefruit1.) Students take orders and collect money.

2.) Sponsor tallies orders and faxes the information to us.

3.) Fruit arrives at your school the second week of December (Fall orders) or second week of March (Spring orders).

4.) Sponsor and students check fruit for spoilage.

5.) Deliver fruit to customers.

6.) We will bill the school or organization a week after we deliver the fruit to the sponsors.