Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When can we sell coffee?

A: Coffee is very flexible in that it can be sold anytime during the year. The majority of our schools and organizations sell during the fall and spring. Typically a sales period lasts 1 week and coffee delivers within 3-4 weeks from the time the order is placed. Before you decide to sell call us for free sales materials and a firm price.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes. While we can accommodate orders that fall below the minimum utilizing the non-customized Copper Creek Coffee label, a minimum of 250 bags per organization are required for customization of the label. But call us and let’s discuss it!

Q: How do we sell?

kids and coffeeA: We provide a turn-key approach with all the help in organization your school or group will need. Take orders during the selling period (usually a 1-week sale from start to finish and a day or two for tallying the order).  You collect money when you take the order. For elementary school children, we want to be sure to be clear that our program does NOT involve door-to-door sales, but we’ll even provide a script for students to use in the sales process.  Once you sign-up with Inventive, we’ll provide the order forms, sales script, and even organizational processes to ensure your school/group the best possible FUNdraising experience!

Q: How is the coffee shipped?

A: Truck, UPS, or FedEx will ship the coffee the day after it is roasted. Orders arrive in 2-3 business days from time of shipping which ensures you customers the freshest possible coffee experience.

Q: What is Arabica coffee?  

A: Arabica is a variety of coffee. Arabica plants are said to produce better tasting coffee that is more desirable by consumers.

Arabica Coffee